Episodes 701 – Onwards

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Episode 731: Charles Brunton on the Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ UK Tour

Episode 730: Some Enchanted Matinee

Episode 729: Directing The Last 5 Years with Jonathan O’Boyle

Episode 728: EdFringe 2021 – The Formats of the Fringe

Episode 727: EdFringe 2021 – The Feeling of the Fringe

Episode 726: Adam Cooper Interview

Episode 725: Double Talking with David Zippel

Episode 724: Singin’ in the Rain

Episode 723: Anything Goes… literally and metaphorically

Episode 722: Gideon at the Hollywood Fringe

Episode 721: Getting Hairspray at the Tuck Shop

Episode 720: A Grand Night for Singing with Kim Criswell

Episode 719: Half A Sixpence Redux

Episode 718: Leading Ladies: Cinderella, Amelie and Heathers

Episode 717: Death Drop: A DRAGAtha Christie Murder Mystery

Episode 716: You SHALL Go To The Ball, Cinderella

Episode 715: Taking Breaths

Episode 714: And The Same To You With Bedknobs On

Episode 713: The Ballad of Anne and Mary – Songs

Episode 712: The Ballad of Anne and Mary – Story

Episode 711: The Ballad of Anne and Mary – Development

Episode 710: Back to the Woods

Episode 709: Like A Musical? Part Two

Episode 708: Like A Musical? Part One

Episode 707: The Return of Bobby Crush

Episode 706: Lizzie Should Be More Chill

Episode 705: The Last Show We Saw

Episode 704: FarcicalTalk

Episode 703: Peter Duncan in Conversation

Episode 702: Peter Duncan in Pantomime

Episode 701: When World Collide: Creating Theme Park Fan: The Musical