Episodes 601 – 700

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Episode 700: Behind the Scenes with MusicalTalk

Episode 699: Caroline, Or Change.

Episode 698: Porgy and Bess in London

Episode 697: Streets Ahead

Episode 696: Merry Quizmas and a Happy Earful for 2021

Episode 695: Streaming Back to 42nd Street (We Wish)

Episode 694: Hyde-ing in 42nd Street

Episode 693: The Toxic Avenger Reassembled

Episode 692: When Timpson (Almost) Met Spiderman

Episode 691: Taking an Eternity

Episode 690: My Chat, It Has Three Corners

Episode 689: Everything Old is New Again

Episode 688: A Grease-y Boyfriend History

Episode 687: Gideon and Blundersnorp

Episode 686: Return the House of Edgar – Disinterring the Past

Episode 685: Return to the House of Edgar – Driving The Future 

Episode 684: #VirtualEdFringe2020: How to Use A Washing Machine

Episode 683: #VirtualEdFringe2020: The Fear

Episode 682: Zoomsical Theatre and Other Plot Twists of the Pandemic

Episode 681: #VirtualEdFringe2020 Dreams of Peace and Freedom Redux

Episode 680: #VirtualEdFringe2020 Nele Needs a Holiday – The Musical

Episode 679: MusicalTalk’s Virtual Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

Episode 678: Leanne Interview

Episode 677: Nick Greenshields Interview

Episode 676: Singin’ in the Rain (And Friends)

Episode 675: Ten Point Reviews – The West End

Episode 674: Reasons to be Cheerful

Episode 673: Did Mae Go West? A Sextette Tete a Tete

Episode 671: Dom and Mike Somehow talk about “By Jeeves” for 45 minutes

Episode 670: Messages of hope from across the Industry

Episode 669: Until the Curtains Rise

Episode 668: Top 3 Career Defining Moments with Mike Dixon

Episode 667: Alexander (Hamilton) The Great?

Episode 666: Chatting with Preston Nyman

Episode 665: Oh, What a Beautiful Streaming Opportunity

Episode 664: Stephen Cole Interview

Episode 663: Stanley Silverman Interview

Episode 662: Back to SIX and then Back to the Future

Episode 661: Kendall and Bauerfeld in Conversation

Episode 660: Legally Limbo Agogo

Episode 659: Comedy B-Musicals – A Double Bill: Second Feature

Episode 658: Comedy B-Musicals – A Double Bill: First Feature

Episode 657: Nicholas Parsons Remembered

Episode 656: The Odd Couples

Episode 655: You and I – Aye Aye – It’s AI!

Episode 654: Beetlejuice and Mean Girls on Broadway

Episode 653: Moulin Rouge and the Radio City Music Hall

Episode 652: Aladdin: See You Later Boys and Girls

Episode 651: Remembering Jerry Herman

Episode 650: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Earful for 2020

Episode 649: Aladdin is Less Miserable

Episode 648: Robot Teammate and Pockets

Episode 647: The Boy in the Dress

Episode 646: Mary Poppins, Aladdin & Juliet

Episode 645: Enigma

Episode 644: Barely Thirteen

Episode 643: Paradise Lodge

Episode 642: BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen

Episode 641: Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area

Episode 640: Jon Robyns and West End Misfits

Episode 639: Mamma Mia – The BIG Immersive Party

Episode 638: From SIX to Post Modern Jukebox

Episode 637: Jekyll Versus Hyde

Episode 636: I Wish My Life Were A Musical

Episode 635: Ed Fringe Round-UP 2019: Josephine Baker and Other Movers and Shakers

Episode 634: Ed Fringe Round-Up 2019: Sweet Charity and Friends (and Fiends)

Episode 633: From Judy to Bette: The Stars of Old Hollywood

Episode 632: What to See at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Episode 631: Ed Fringe – The Musical

Episode 630: Good Queen Bess and Mess

Episode 629: Access All Areas

Episode 628: Nebular Tuesday

Episode 627: Go, Go, Go Joseph!

Episode 626: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (with Rosie Ashe and Jake Brunger)

Episode 625: Tudor Nights

Episode 624: Mary Poppins, Maggie May and Annie’s Rooster

Episode 623: Only Fools, Horses and Amelie

Episode 622: Aladdin’s Waitress

Episode 621: A Bully For You

Episode 620: Hooray for Hollywood Theatre! (Part Two)

Episode 619: Hooray for Hollywood Theatre! (Part One)

Episode 618: The Story of Stephen Foster (Part Two)

Episode 617: The Story of Stephen Foster (Part One)

Episode 616: Finding Fiddler on the Roof

Episode 615: Queens of Mist and Kings of Rock Musicals (with Jon Robyns and Hugh Wooldridge)

Episode 614: Oliviers, Crazy Ex Girlfriends and Bullies

Episode 613: Waitress and The Bully Problem

Episode 612: The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – Legacy

Episode 611: The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – Hat-Trick

Episode 610: But… I’m A Cheerleader in Kinky Boots (Carrie Hope Fletcher and Demitri Lampra Interviews)

Episode 609: Working The Festival Fringe

Episode 608: Come to Come From Away

Episode 607: Countdown to New Shows in March

Episode 606: Come From Away To Arts Ed

Episode 605: Propping up the Barnum

Episode 604: Everybody’s Moaning about Les Mis

Episode 603: Mary Poppins Returns

Episode 602: 2019 Preview

Episode 601: On the Road with David Herzog – Cinderella at the Venue Cymru