Episodes 401 – 500


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Episode 500: Our Tenth Anniversary – A String of Musical Pearls

Episode 499: Roll up! Roll up!

Episode 498: The House of Edgar

Episode 497: Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Episode 496: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016: Three and Six

Episode 495: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 – Music and Musings (Part Two)

Episode 494: Music and Musings (Part One)

Episode 493: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 – High To Nine Five

Episode 492: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 – [Reviewers of Shows]

Episode 491: Edinburgh Fringe Fesitval 2016 – Must See Musicals

Episode 490: Miranda Still Sings

Episode 489: Re-attend the Press Junket of Sweeney Todd

Episode 488: Remembering Marni Nixon (Part Two)

Episode 487: Remembering Marni Nixon (Part One)

Episode 486: Appreciating Verbatim

Episode 485: An Episode about a Comedy about a Bank and a Magic Lamp Robbery

Episode 484: Middlebrow Musicals (Part Two)

Episode 483: Middlebrow Musicals (Part One)

Episode 482: Gina Beck’s Showboat

Episode 481: Quentin’s Talent Team-Oh!

Episode 480: Lucky Stiff

Episode 479: Funny Girls: Victoria Wood and Fanny Bryce

Episode 478: The Busker’s Opera with Dougal Irvine

Episode 477: Quentin Blake Redux

Episode 476: In Conversation with Stephen Cole

Episode 475: Dougal Irvine and Laila The Musical

Episode 474: Mrs Henderson Presents with Mike Dixon

Episode 473: David Kingsmill’s West End Odyssey (Part Two)

Episode 472: David Kingsmill’s West End Odyssey (Part One)

Episode 471: Are Kinky Boots Klunky Boots?

Episode 470: The Gentlemans’ Guide to the School of Rock, Love and Murder

Episode 469: The Sound of Music Live – Point by Point

Episode 468: Gypsy – Live on TV… Almost

Episode 467: The Sound of Music – Live on TV 

Episode 466: The Lowdown New Writing Showcase 2016

Episode 465: Merry Quizmas and a Happy New Ear-ful 2015

Episode 464: Star Wars Musicals – The Talk Awakens

Episode 463: James Robert Ball in Conversation (Part Two)

Episode 462: James Robert Ball in Conversation (Part One)

Episode 461: The Play Pictorial and Musical Theatre Magazines

Episode 460: Showstopper – The Improvised Musical

Episode 459: The Pick of the Fringe 2015

Episode 458: Christine Pedi at the Crazy Coqs (C-O-Q-S!)

Episode 457: The Quentin Dentin Show

Episode 456: Views and Reviews

Episode 455: One-ders of the Fringe

Episode 454: Finding Friends on the Fringe

Episode 453: Off Broadway and On Edinburgh (“Urinetown”, “Zanna, Don’t!” and “Closer than Ever”)

Episode 452: Ushers in Edinburgh

Episode 451: Bye Bye Birdie Interview with James Hume

Episode 450: Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Up and Running

Episode 449: She Loves Me (Talking About Musicals)

Episode 448: The Bell of the West End (Saigon, Gypsy and Beckham reviewed)

Episode 447: Murder Mystery Musicals

Episode 446: Jeremy Sams’ Amour

Episode 445: John Gieves-Watson and the Temperance Seven (Part Two)

Episode 444: John Gieves-Watson and the Temperance Seven (Part One)

Episode 443: I love you, You’re perfect… but Whose Line is it Anyway?

Episode 442: The Baker’s Wife and the French Connection

Episode 441: David Kingsmill’s Stage Odyssey (Part Two)

Episode 440: What’s Rotten in New York?

Episode 439: How to Succeed in Something Rotten

Episode 438: WS Gilbert: The Daddy of Directors (Part Two)

Episode 437: WS Gilbert – The Daddy of Directors (Part One)

Episode 436: Carrie, Nick and Nora

Episode 435: Making a Noise for the Scottsboro Boys

Episode 434: Gypsy Revisited

Episode 433: David Kingsmill’s Stage Odyssey (Part One)

Episode 432: The Review of the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Episode 431: The Beautiful Sweeney Todd 

Episode 430: Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray?

Episode 429: Oh What a Lovely Legacy

Episode 428: Oh What a Lovely Landmark

Episode 427: Bathhouse The Musical! Interview

Episode 426: Happy Ending

Episode 425: British Film Musicals

Episode 424: Danielle Hope Interview

Episode 423: A Trio with Brio 

Episode 422: Into the Woods with Rob Marshall and Marc Platt

Episode 421: Before After

Episode 420: Merry Quizmas and a Happy New Earful 2014

Episode 419: 2014 In a Nut Shell

Episode 418: Miss-Alliance

Episode 417: Assassins at The Menier

Episode 416: Six Degrees of Separation – Gilbert and Sullivan

Episode 415: Made in Dagenham

Episode 414: GYPSY

Episode 413: The Visit to Find Memphis, Neverland and Broadway

Episode 412: Creating and Composing The Cabaret Des Distractions

Episode 411: The Forbidden Bianco Way

Episode 410: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: The Pick of the Fringe: Finn Anderson and Alba!

Episode 409: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: The Dos and Don’ts (and Dids) of the Fringe

Episode 408: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Enigmatic Variations

Episode 407: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Eight Rated Great

Episode 406: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Revivals and Survivals

Episode 405: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Let’s Kiss and Make It Up

Episode 404: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: 20th Century Knocks

Episode 403: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Victorian Values

Episode 402: Edinburgh Fringe 2014: The A-Z of Fringe Musicals You Can Still See

Episode 401: Edinburgh Fringe 2014:  Austen Power