Required Listening – Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Antonia Talks about Let’s Generalize About Men from Season 3 of the musical TV show Crazy Ex Girlfriend (2017):

“There are so many songs from the musical TV show Crazy Ex Girlfriend which could have been my Song of the Week. The show is well known for both brilliant musical theatre pastiches (like the Fred and Ginger inspired Settle For Me from season 1) and catchy pop parodies (like the ABBA inspired The First Penis from season 3) which get stuck in your brain for days on end. 

In the end, I settled for the song Let’s Generalise About Men as I think it demonstrates one of the things Crazy Ex Girlfriend does so well – using humour and music to tap into how we think and feel, and to explore important issues along the way (the show is doing so much to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health).

The show’s creators really understand how to segue from dialogue to musical number without it jarring (unlike many modern film musicals where the songs don’t evolve out of emotional plot points, or help to further character or story development). They achieve this even when using a musical number to depart from the show’s premise for a moment in order to make a comment or joke about something else.

In Let’s Generalise About Men, where Rebecca Bunch (played by Rachel Bloom, who is also one of the show’s creators) and her friends sing a catchy 80’s inspired power anthem about how terrible men are.

The song is very clearly satirical. It pokes fun at people who make assumptions about the opposite sex, whilst acknowledging that sometimes it can feel cathartic to do so.

This song, (and many songs from the show) also examines the stereotypes and tropes often found in the romantic comedy or musical theatre genre. In Let’s Generalise About Men, Rebecca and her pals sing “Gay Men are all really great/every single one/they’re never mean, just sassy/they’re all completely adorable and fun”, thus calling out the ‘gay best friend’ stereotype which has been perpetuated by romantic comedies.

There is much for musical theatre fans to enjoy in this show and I highly recommend checking it out. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is aired on the CW in the US and Season 1 – 3 can be found on Netflix in the UK.”

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