Required Listening – The American Song Book

David Herzog’s writes about a classic from the American song book:

“Thanks for having me back friends! This week, the song I can’t stop playing or thinking about is the classic American Songbook number Manhattan by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

It was written for the Garrick Gaieties of 1925, an old Broadway revue. Since it’s introduction, Manhattan has been covered by many reputable artists, including The Supremes, and Tony Bennett. For our purposes today, I’ve attached the lovely Ella Fitzgerald version.

At its heart, Manhattan is a love song about a young couple taking a stroll through New York City. Layered on top of this, are these brilliant rhyming schemes that Lorenz Hart has beautifully crafted.

Listen to the song, and revel in the strange but satisfying patterns. It’s one of the best feel good songs from the older era of Broadway, and one that still hits on the heart of taking a stroll in New York City.”

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